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Flowers: Wild and Still

6pm - 8pm

Old Firehouse

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Flowers: Wild and Still

We invite you to Flowers: Wild and Still Opening May 30 at 2019 at the Gathering Place in Clarks Summit, PA. 

6pm - 8pm

Old Firehouse



review for 'Lovers'

 Love the painting, looks even better than the photo online. Communication was great and shippment was fast (I did however have to go pick it up from my local customs office here in Germany). Would order again!  -rhea

review for 'mini cloisonne'

 I love the painting! I found Brooke on Instagram and knew I wanted to buy one of her paintings some day. As soon as I saw this one I knew it was the one. Brooke was very easy to work with and communicate with about shipping. She was even able to change the shipping address for me to work around a move. Thank you!  -lori p

review for 'blue flower in green cup'

 This painting reminds me of my grandmother in its old-fashioned charm at the same time that it’s a wonderfully executed modern abstracted floral. That contrast informs the emotional pull of this painting for me. I love how the flowers seem almost magically to arise from the green cup which has the blue blooms repeated on its side. I have a fascination with detail and find that in the incredible “placemat” with all its different designs under the cup. I love this artist’s work which is wonderfully original and imaginative! khocochanel

review for 'Her Backbone'

 This piece is AMAZING! I have had my eye on it for forever and was finally able to purchase it. Brooke is so talented and it's just a stunning piece of art. I consider myself very blessed to have it! I have a feeling this will not be my last original piece by Brooke:) I highly recommend her as an artist and a seller. -niki s

review for 'Poppies in a blue vase'

 I love this painting... the colors (blues and oranges) are stunning. Brooke is a very talented painter. The painting shipped promptly.
Now I’ve just got to decide where to hang it. Thank you!!! -sara

review for 'Flowers in a green vase'

 This painting is even more gorgeous in person than pictured. It is the center art piece in my renovated bedroom and I will treasure it. Looking forward to adding more art from this talented painter in the near future. -jamsbrooklyn



'Reclining nude'

 Brooke I just wanted to let you know that I received my pictures today and all I can say is WOW! You are so extremely talented!!! I am so happy to have not one, but two pieces of your artwork to hang in my home. Thank you so much!! -cheryl

'Abstract on Paper'

 LOVE LOVE LOVE the painting!!! I knew it was going to be beautiful, but seeing this is person I can see depth and layers that I didn't know were there!! I highly recommend purchasing from this artist!! You will not be disappointed! -sylwia

'Speaking Paisley'

 Thanks Brooke, it was a pleasure, and your work is fabulous! -peg


 This is an amazing painting! It's so charged with mystery and energy... the colored waterfall under a full moon is permanently surprising... 


 There is something about your art that I can't resist - thank you for continuing to create these beautiful works that enrich my life. (Extra safe packaging - painting arrived quickly and in perfect condition!) 

'Terrarium in Pink'

 So excited about this painting- absolutely beautiful! Arrived quickly and very carefully packed- on my birthday :) Thank you, Brooke!  -Penelope




 Love it! I am excited to have this in my home! 

'Dotted Diptych"

 Wonderful packaging--beautiful artwork!!! What a treat! Thank you. -Diana

'Yellow Terrarium'

 Love love the colors in this piece. Very happy with my purchase.  -Lucia

'Five Sunflowers'

 Once again, another gorgeous painting. All arrived in a timely manner and the artist is a pleasure to deal with.  -jane

'the Mountains Shadow'

 This piece is beautiful. I love the colors, and the pattern in the shadow. I now own two of your paintings (the other was titled "Nude"). Thanks!  -liz


 I received these beautiful paintings immediately! Such an awesome price for original paintings. I love the contemporary florals and the colors make me happy. I'd buy everything this artist paints if I could afford it! :-) Thank you so much Brooke!  -percy


 What are your main inspirations in art? My inspirations are mainly the impressionists like Mary Cassatt, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh. I love Joan Mitchell, Grandma Moses, Helen Frankenthaler, Cy Twombly, Jackson Pollock. One of my Favorite artists of all time is Joan Eardley. Her landscapes inspire me to no end.

What is your process for creating your work?
I try to work as often as possible. Being consistent and working toward your goals as if this was an on the clock job is important to me because I want my work to be consistent and good. I usually paint well when I am enthused and empowered so meditation, affirmations, exercising are all great for me when it comes to creating. I also have done some good artwork when I was angry. Things get kind of messy and expressive. My art definitely stems from my emotions and moods.

What is the single most important thing you want to communicate with your work?
A sense of familiarity of a place or a feeling that actually doesn't exist but is translated by me.

What are your career goals?]
I want to be a respected and successful artist.

What one object has been the most instrumental in helping you achieve
what you have so far?
My home, this is where I live and create.

Tell me three random things about you.
I vacuum too much, i like to cook at home and I love my kids more than anything.

When I work, I become a completely different person. Maybe I have multiple personalities but when painting, all the chaos in life fades.. I can focus when otherwise focusing is a chore. I haven't gotten to where I want to be with my work but I'm starting to develop a consistent way of creating marks and colors and compositions that increasingly make more sense to me. I love creating these abstracts. I've been finding such unique ways to call a painting my own: scraping, digging, pushing, letting the paint drip and experimenting with different mediums (some that dry fast and some slower).
A painting is its' own experience held together as a series by similar paint marks and colors. I'm in love with the process. I love moving the medium around especially house paint. It covers quickly and moves with ease. Oils are great for surprising patches of color. Reworking and making a a painting come together is a joy. I don't have a plan in mind when I am painting. It usually finds me as long as I am open to it. I live outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania with my two beautiful children. 

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